Vulcan Saving the Game?

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We just received an email from Vulcan regarding the new version of the VPro Flight. See the full email below.

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16 minutes ago


Dear Vulcan VPRO FLIGHT Pre-Order Customer,


The wait is almost over for “Generation 2” of the Vulcan VPRO FLIGHT Pickleball. We really appreciate your pre-order and ongoing support. You are the first to hear of this pre-public news – we are only a few weeks away, and we will keep you updated until then.


Pickleball design technology is deceptively complicated. Behind the scenes, especially in recent months, Vulcan doubled down and began investing more time, hard work, energy, and passion into pickleball technology than anyone ever before. We are investing millions of dollars, with a massive science and engineering team, and creating pro-level testing equipment never seen in our sport. We’ve done this with the full support of the PPA. The top professional players are engaged and a big part of the new process. The evolution of paddle technology and the lack of sanctioning control makes this task especially difficult. Vulcan intends to be part of the solution—with the ball. And our involvement as the leading ball supplier needs to be on-going to help protect our sport.


Vulcan is building a world-class, professional approach to pickleball technology. Our company is committed to the science and engineering for the right ball for today’s game, and the right ball for tomorrow’s game, too. We are staying committed as the sport evolves.

Thank you again for pre-ordering the Vulcan VPRO FLIGHT Pickleball. Thank you for being a part of Team Vulcan.



Vulcan Pickleball

Vulcan VPRO FLIGHT Outdoor PPA Tour Pickleball. Official tournament pickleball ball of the Pros

Note the larger holes on these indoor pickleballs by ONIX.

Our Reponse

If you’ve seen any of our work on reviewing pickleballs, we’ve stated pretty clearly we prefer faster balls.

Slow pickleballs make for a very boring game as every drop and dink is unattackable. We think this is terrible for the Pro Game.

If they go the Franklin X-40 route these balls are going to be mushy in hot temperatures.

Our Solution

Implement Maximum Exit Velocity Testing for Paddles. Test Before and After Each Match.

This is a solvable problem. The quality of our game is at stake. An ill advised move could derail the incredible growth of both the casual and pro game.

Thumbnail for our VPro Flight V2 Update Video